New Life, New Blog

Hello, world!

My name is Caleb Smith. I have also been known as the Nicene Nerd, and I used this title on my old blog of the same name. Unfortunately, due to a hacking incident, my old blog still exists but is ostracized by Google. Never again shall it receive regular traffic, barring an SEO miracle.

In addition, while I am happy with many of the posts on The Nicene Nerd, it does run all the way back to when I got married in 2013. My life has changed drastically since then, going from a newlywed Calvinistic Baptist to a father of three, foster father of three more, freshly minted Presbyterian with Anglican sympathies. My theology has developed in a number of ways, with twists and turns I never expected along the way.

For these reasons I begin today a new blogging project. I do not know if it will ever be as much of a "thing" in my life as The Nicene Nerd in its heyday, but I do hope it will be of some use. I still have things to say, which may or may not be worth anyone's time, but writing them is at least useful to my own attempts to think them through.

I cannot end this without mentioning my gratitude to God that I am now where I am. He has been faithful to me from my earliest days, from my oldest and most cringe-worthy Facebook Notes to this new site and whatever comes next. He has saved me from all of the ills I deserve for all of the stupid things I have said, and He has only seen fit to make my life richer and better over time. I can only hope that what I do here will be of some marginal service to His people, and render Him some slight honor.

As a final note, make sure not to take me too seriously. I provide all theology here without warranty, because I never know what I'm wrong about now that I'll have to fix in another few years. I'm acutely aware that I always have something else to learn which will shed a ton of new light on what I knew before, if it doesn't simply abolish old beliefs. Justification sola fide is all I've got, because my understanding could not pass God's test. So as you read here, never forget your salt pouch. You'll need it.