About Me

My name is Caleb Smith. I’m in my late twenties, am married to a superheroine named Ashley, and the other seven people in my household are all children. I am a Reformed and evangelical Protestant, currently a PCA member with non-negligible Anglican sympathies. God has been good to me from my earliest Southern Baptist days through all my journeys to where I am now. I have a BA in Ministry Studies from the Baptist College of Florida, and I am currently pursuing an M.Litt. in Classical Protestantism from Davenant Hall. I aspire to work in a classical Christian school and someday also Davenant, though I suspect my major living will end up having to be in programming. My day job is not worth explaining, but there are some great people there, who you should pray I will be able to make Christ known to.

You can learn a lot about me from some of my favorite authors: C. S. Lewis, Richard Hooker, J. R. R. Tolkien, Zacharius Ursinus, James Jordan, Alastair Roberts, Brad Littlejohn, G. K. Chesterton, Steven James, Joe Rigney, Ted Dekker, Herman Bavinck, and Joseph Minich all come to mind as especially useful to that purpose.

I do a lot of computer stuff. I like to code, especially in Rust. I also use JavaScript and Python, and every once in a while dabble in other things like C++. A lot of what I do involves modding tools for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, though at work it is usually along the lines of full stack web development. If you need a programmer for anything please hire me.